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Security guard services for events and property

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining safety and security in various environments. EPG security personnel are trained professionals who are responsible for protecting people, property, and assets against potential threats, unauthorised access, and criminal activity. Whether it's CCTV surveillance, intruder alarm or fire alarm why not have the peace of mind that comes from having our highly trained staff monitor your security 24 hours a day?

Key points about the EPG security guard service:

Range of duties: EPG security guards can perform a range of duties, including monitoring and patrolling premises, enforcing access control measures, conducting security screenings, responding to alarms or incidents, and maintaining surveillance. They may also provide customer service, assist in emergency situations, and report any suspicious activities.

Deterrent effect: The presence of EPG security guards can act as a deterrent to potential criminals and unauthorised individuals. Their visibility can discourage criminal activities and promote a sense of safety among employees, residents, or visitors.

Crowd control: Security guards can be deployed in public events, concerts, stadiums, or other gatherings to manage crowd control, ensure orderly behaviour, and respond to any security incidents that may arise.

Trained response: In the event of emergencies such as fires, medical incidents, or security breaches, EPG security guards are trained to respond appropriately. They may initiate evacuation procedures, provide first aid, or coordinate with emergency services.

Customer service: In addition to their security duties, EPG guards can provide customer service by assisting visitors, answering questions, giving directions, or addressing concerns. This can contribute to a positive and welcoming environment.

Highly trained: Security guards typically undergo specialised training programs that cover areas such as security procedures, emergency response, conflict resolution, and legal responsibilities. Many have licenses or certifications to work as security professionals.

Highly skilled: Security guards often work with security alarm systems and technology, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems. They may monitor these systems, respond to alarms, or use them as tools to enhance their effectiveness.

When considering the deployment of security guards, it's essential to assess the specific security needs of your premises or event. Factors such as the size of the area, potential risks, and the level of security required will help determine the number of guards needed and the specific skill sets required.

Insurance companies insist that alarm systems are monitored to provide police response in the event of an incident. Our 24-hour alarm receiving centre is connected directly to all UK police forces. Our trained operatives alert key holders and police.

Consulting with a reputable security services provider such as EPG Security Systems can assist in designing a comprehensive security plan tailored exactly to your needs.

EPG Security Systems can evaluate and advise on the best security guard services to suit your needs and budget.
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