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Security gates for the home

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Automatic security gate installation for the home is growing in popularity as systems get cheaper and more robust.
No longer the preserve of heads of state and celebrity footballers, security gates not only keep intruders out but can also enhance the value, quality and comfort of your home.
The main reason people have security gates installed in their homes Is to preserve privacy and to protect against intruders. Still, automatic gate installation can have other positive uses, such as keeping children and pets safe and secure.
Whether it's convenience, style, safety or even an aspirational accessory, automatic security gates can add to your home's quality and positively boost property values.

Advantages of security gate installation

Installing electric security gates outside your home, business, or other property offers many benefits.

  Automatic gates can deter opportunistic intruders concerned not only about getting into the grounds but also getting out.
  When coupled with fences, electric gates provide a secure perimeter around your home and keep children and pets safely inside.
  Used with CCTV cameras, security gates can offer complete control over access to your property.
  Stylish gate designs can enhance the appearance of your home and even add to its value with greater appeal to potential buyers.
  Automatic gates are much more convenient than conventional gates; they can be opened or closed with the press of a button.

Many home insurance companies will offer a discount for properties that have electric gates installed and surveillance systems fitted.

How automatic security gates work

The first requirement for automatic security gate installation is enough room. A drive with manual gates probably has enough space for an electric gate to be installed. It may even be possible to incorporate electric gate openers into existing manually operated gates, although it is often cheaper and usually better to start again from scratch.
There are several ways to operate automatic gates. Most employ remote access systems where a key fob transmits a radio signal to a control box mounted near the entrance. The control box activates a gate-opening arm that swings or slides the gate open. The portal can be closed for a set number of seconds automatically after opening or by using the key fob a second time. Some gates use keypads to open the gates, and these are often combined with a remote system to allow access to those visitors who may not have a key fob. Only those who know the keypad code can open the gate. For this reason, many automatic gates will have a pedestrian 'side gate' that can remain unlocked to allow postal and other deliveries. Some electric gates will include an intercom system that enables the visitor to communicate with the homeowner to gain access.

Gate opening systems

Two basic systems control the motor mechanism to open and close electric gates. The most popular is an underground motor, while the cheapest is articulated arms mounted on the gate posts. Most electric gates are designed to swing open just like a door. This barrier will suit most homes, but there must be enough room in the driveway, which also must not be too steep to allow operation. Sliding gates don't require deep space on the driveway but will need lateral space. It is the preferred option for those with steep driveways or a small space for car parking. Whichever system the gates will need safety sensors to prevent them from closing if an obstacle is in the way.

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