Customer Services

The majority of successful worldwide businesses all seem to share a vision that whatever product they market, the main key element is having a customer service policy that is real, acted upon, believed and is not just given lip service. As a successful family business, those sentiments resonate with us.

As part of our customer promise charter, we will always aim to provide:-

– Integrity

– Reliabilty

– Respect

– Team work

– Quality service

We always challenge ourselves by continually questioning our service delivery. At EPG our mantra is:

– Is this how I would want to be treated if I was the customer?

Customers are real people who understand issues with realistic expectations. So we must treat them as we would expect to be treated personally ourselves.

– Don’t promise what we can’t deliver, so by making honest assessments, instead deliver everything we promise.

Honesty as a high value, keeping our customers informed on what we can and can’t do will build confidence and trust.

– Its about the detail.

Ensure the EPG team know the fine details of our business and ensure customer enquiries are directed to the right respondent. All customer enquiries are treated as being important.

– Listening and sharing information

Communication is key to success, whether it be internally between our team or with the customer. Clear communication will make everyone more comfortable. Listening is a big part of this for all those engaged. This can allow us to nip small problems in the bud before they fester into unmanageable issues.

– Let’s create value in the EPG community.

Often people will find value in small things like speed of response, accuracy in answers and empathy towards their problem. Putting the customer first is always a priority and an accepted part of our service. We know it will be the difference between a poor word of mouth recommendation, or a supportive ‘brand enthusiast’. Therefore, customer care is valuable to us.

Stay Tuned!